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Our Financial Planning Services

explaining our financial planning servicesTrust and communication are at the forefront of all that we do. Developing relationships that last for years is something we are very passionate about. We will be at your side anytime life brings you changes.

We understand your needs since we can relate to them.

Whether your goals include planning for retirement, educating your kids, advancing your career, or strengthening your community, we see things from a perspective that involves understanding and unity.

We make our relationship simple – we put your needs first! We are transparent about our fees and happily uphold our legal, ethical, and moral obligations to you.

Our Certified Financial Planner® and support staff can provide you with high-quality service by being a part of your journey. Our company has your best interests at heart.

We’ll put you on a lasting path to financial confidence and peace of mind.

Services Included in the COLLAB Financial Planning Process™

Priority Goal Setting

At this stage, we determine your priorities and what's most important in your life. What are you wanting to achieve? What are your concerns? What are your priorities? If a larger financial matter is involved, we will identify what must be tended to first before we focus on whatever your big picture entails.

Estate and Tax Planning

We don't write estate plans or file taxes. However, we do review your tax returns and estate planning documents regularly to prepare for potential life changes and look for tax savings. We’ll collaborate with your attorney and CPA (or make referrals) to ensure that you receive the most helpful advice possible.

Cash Flow Budgeting

Proper planning begins with awareness. While we don’t expect you to create a budget by yourself, it's important for us to understand your expenses and income, both now and in the future. A personalized approach is used to make sure that your funds are in sync with your priorities and overall life.

Life and Retirement Planning

We'll give you a better idea of what your lifestyle is currently like, and how you can transition to retirement based on the way you spend, save, and earn money (as well as mentally and emotionally).

We’ll guide you through a process to uncover and clarify what matters most in your life. We'll work with you to develop a post-employment life that is meaningful to you and your family.

Investment Planning

Investments aren’t as complicated as you might think. We will help you understand your assets better, as well as explain how financial security and wealth building works.

We have designed a disciplined and sophisticated (but user-friendly) method of investing. We will walk you through the process so that it makes sense and becomes second nature to you.

Risk Management

Financial independence comes with a lot of risks when you are trying to achieve it. You might lose your job, get sick, spend time in a healthcare facility, or even pass-away.

Risk can be mitigated through a number of ways, but regardless of which approach you take, we will ensure that you are mindful of how your financial situation can be personally affected by your decisions.

Employer Retirement & Benefit Reviews

We will assist you with every aspect of your finances, as opposed to just what we manage. Outside accounts will be reviewed, and advice will be offered for employer benefit packages, as well as retirement accounts.

Our company will be the sounding board you need when contract negotiations are taking place. It will be a privilege for us to be a part of such vital decisions.

Financial Security and Organization

We offer a secure client portal and sync it with your outside accounts to provide you with an overall perspective of your financial picture. Our secure and shared financial dashboard allows you to access critical documentation and send files to us.

We will provide best practice recommendations when it comes to security, identity protection, and creating a Login Safety plan for you and your family. 

Buying and Selling Real Estate

Real estate purchasing and selling involves life-changing decisions. More often than not, those decisions are created by emotion.

We will work alongside you to make sure that your property purchases are handled in a manner that is in line with your goals. We will also provide perspective and clarity in what might otherwise be a stressful experience.

Learn More About The COLLAB Financial Planning Process™

If you'd like to learn more about the COLLAB Financial Planning Process™ and receive a free retirement checkup, then we’d love to chat. Just click the button below to schedule a 15-minute phone call.

Content written by Clint Haynes, CFP® | Certified Financial Planner®